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Any building or landscaping project has to locate underground pipes and utilities to be safe. There is a significant chance of bringing about a service interruption without first discovering subsurface utilities. A thorough utility finding session must be completed whether you are preparing to renovate your real estate or are undertaking a larger business job. This is necessary to avoid serious mishaps and will stop incredibly expensive issues from emerging as your excavation advances. Property damage, pipe damage, injuries, and fines for service interruptions are risks of not employing utility locating services.

How Does Utility Locating Work?

Utility locating is the process of mapping all the pipes, wires, and other services that are buried beneath the surface of a property using equipment like ground penetrating radar. In order to avoid and plan around subterranean pipelines and cables during your excavation, a utility finder can map their locations. Electromagnetic induction is a different type of technology that can be utilized in addition to ground penetrating radars. Although there are other instruments that can help, these two are the most frequently employed.

Finding Underground Utilities

Project managers must take into account a number of criteria before locating utilities. The size of the region, the availability of site maps, the presence of readily accessible utilities, and other factors must all be taken into account by a professional locator. Additionally, locators must take into account the kind of surface being scanned because various surfaces will reflect GPR signals in various ways. To locate underground utilities and impediments like pipes and roots, traditional utility locating services use non-destructive testing tools.


The majority of subsurface utilities do not run in neat, straight lines. Instead, different changes in an underground utility are brought on by geophysical features and locating service requirements. Adjustments can range in size from a foot to significant alterations in course. aulocating skilled analysts and field personnel are able to identify a variety of deviations that might be found in the field and give clients accurate information. Customers can avoid unavoidable property damage, construction delays, injuries, environmental degradation, utility service outages, and business disruption thanks to aulocating’s guaranteed locating underground services. With more than three decades of combined experience in private utility finding, aulocating’s field analysts and technicians have a demonstrated history of reliably delivering the high-quality data needed to avoid issues that could result in project scope deviations. Only the stringent quality control and reporting requirements while working on utility engineering and design projects set Private Utility Locating apart from Subsurface Utility Engineering designation. Regardless of label, aulocating demands strong quality control on all projects. You may be confident that aulocating will only provide you with the best field designations and data reporting.

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