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Welcome to Best Way Scrap Metal, a Melbourne scrap yard

Thank you for visiting consolidated metal industries, top location for all sell scrap metal Melbourne. The majority of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous varieties, can be accepted and processed by us because we are licensed secondhand dealers with years of expertise as scrap metal buyers. To guarantee you get the greatest deal, we base all payments on current market values and strive to offer the most generous scrap metal Melbourne services.

We’ll buy Your Scrap Metal

Consolidated Metal Industries will buy your scrap metal for a fair price and provide you with prompt service. If you want to sell scrap metal Melbourne, get in touch with our expert staff because we buy it from the global building and industrial sectors. To learn how to receive the best price for your sell scrap metal Melbourne, give us a call and ask about it. For more information on the variety of materials we buy, see the lists below.

The quickest, simplest, and least expensive option to sell scrap metal Melbourne you have laying around is to use Consolidated Metal Industries services. We offer recycling services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals to the general public, businesses, and trades. Our team is committed to provide recycling solutions with expert and individualized service and has a can-do attitude. Whether you’re a professional seeking for a nearby scrap metal buyer or a company looking for a recycler with a shared appreciation for sustainable resources, we can help.

Recycled for money

In comparison to just tossing away your scrap metal, trading it in allows you to earn some extra cash. From damaged machinery to dated white goods and worn-out roofing, our trustworthy and honest buyers offer just compensation for a variety of commodities. We provide metal recycling services in Melbourne paying by direct debit or check, and every transaction comes with a receipt. The price paid for scrap is based on the market price, hence prices are always changing to reflect the state of the market. For current pricing, get in touch with us at any time, and we’ll give you a fair market value for your metal.

Reduce your carbon footprint by metal recycling services Melbourne rather than letting your mountains of junk end up in a landfill. It’s a win-win situation if you recycle your scrap metal because it will benefit the environment and we’ll even pay you for it!


We have established a solid reputation for providing non-ferrous scrap metal recycling services Melbourne that is safe, effective, and environmentally sustainable. We also provide exceptional service and high-quality supplies.

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