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Football is the most popular game around the world. People of all ages love playing this thrilling game. Hitting the ball into the goal is nothing but the most thrilling experience of all the times. It is a great thing to enjoy that you keeps you fit and healthy. Though it calls off the attention of fans of all ages but still it is important to learn about all the essential things related to the football equipment. As there is not much that neo be used on the ground, the ball is something that requires all the attention. The players both pros and beginners are looking for a perfect ball to hit. There are several things that you check about the ball when you are in the afl shop online for buying the football. One of the aspects in this regard is the size of the ball and this is what you have to consider about the different sizes.

  1. The mini balls

When you talk of the size Mini it means the from the bombers AFL merchandise you intend to buy a ball that measures 20 cm.  It is a great idea to consider by those who are always looking for a football in their homes or even offices. Place it on the work desk or simply roll it across the floor while working. It is even great for people of all ages and genders.

  1. The junior ball

One great choice for the young hitters and footballers in the AFL shop is the 22 cm big size. Such size comes in different colours. There are several designs available too that will definitely inspire the football freaks and they will be able to choose what they like from the collection.

  1. The youth size

As the name indicates it is a great collection in Sherrin ranges for those growing up with the love for football is just the right choice for the kids aged 4 or above. The size of 25 cm is easy to handle for the growing footy fans. You can even get the balls in the colours and designs representing your favourite times.

  1. The official Auskick size

Also known as Size 1, these balls are easily there in the bombers AFL merchandise. It is a perfect size for all the genders. The ball is often used to train the boys and girls between 5 to 8 years. The size is appropriate enough to handle the training sessions.

  1. SIZE 2

The trainers for the primary school kids often switch to using this awesome size. The size 2 is just the right size for kids between 9 and 11 years. This size includes game balls, training balls and club supporter football afterpay. Hence in this size there is so much to experience for everyone.

  1. The official AFLW size

It is known as SIZE 4 and is used for the females aged 14 and above. Though it is an official AFLW size but is equally liked for training the men aged 14 to 15 years. The same ball was used in the inaugural season of AFLW.

  1. Official AFL game ball size

Also known as the size 5 it is a great choice for the men 16 and above. The balls are used on the grounds and during the training sessions.

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