Tall Tales and some s’mores….

One of our fondest childhood memories is usually that first camping trip where you are not only introduced to the beauty of the great outdoors, but also to the wonders of the campfire. It is a place where friends come together, couples become closer, 6 foot big chested blondes get murdered by machete wielding psychopaths.... The... Continue Reading →

I forgot again……

So every baker has probably experienced this scenario.... you're in the kitchen standing at the counter ready to start baking. You pulled all the ingredients out that morning, laid the recipe down in front of you on the counter to begin baking, but low and behold, you forgot to pull the butter out to let... Continue Reading →

To salt or not to salt…

  It's way too hot out here today. I mean sun scorching heat that makes it nearly unbearable to turn the oven on and add to the blistering temperature. Even with the AC on, it still is a bit too warm (as its triple digits outside) to contemplate baking something right now. So I figured... Continue Reading →

Come one, come all!!!

Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome to the World's Faire!! This week, we set out to explore the far away land of 1893 Chicago. Dark, damp and full of grim, it was an area that was known for its slaughterhouses rather than its beautiful landscapes. It was a city that was considered second if not third... Continue Reading →

It’s Black Cherry my dear Watson….

Sooooo sorry everyone. Its been crazy these past two weeks and I'm sorry I haven't posted anything since last time. Every time I would go to sit down and start to write, something always came up or took precedent. But fear not!!! This week, we made out way across the pond to our neighbors into... Continue Reading →

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