Flos lighting

Flos is a renowned Italian lighting company. Flos has been producing luminary artifacts and illuminating generations of dreams for more than fifty years. Flos is a business that is proud of its history while also embracing new designers as it looks to the future.

The growth of technology is also one of Flos’ main priorities. Flos is a global leader in the production of industrial and commercial lighting as a consequence of constant innovation, pushing the limits of eco-sustainable material choices, and incorporating the newest energy-saving LED and OLED systems. The complete line of Flos lighting is listed here. You can buy ceiling lights, wall lights, modern designer lighting, and more.

We aim to provide the ideal mix of options for both modern and classic houses. We stock famous Italian and German brands and many more. Thousands of items are available for the next working day delivery, and we strive to provide high levels of service, supported by our helpful sales team, which is always available by phone. We would appreciate hearing from you if you’ve any queries concerning your Flos lighting needs. We also carry a large variety of outdoor lights, from traditional wall lighting to more modern styles. We assist you in choosing the ideal lighting for your home quickly.

The family has always been central to Jardan’s life. As an Australian group furniture company in business since 1987, we are aware that neither the hand nor the eye is genuinely replaceable by a machine. Each Jardan piece is meticulously and precisely handcrafted to order in Melbourne. Being a design-driven company, we think that excellent design has a significant influence on how we live. We created the Jardan Lab as a place for our expanding design staff to develop their concepts, address issues with the design, make prototypes, and advance our designs through production. Our reputation was established with the creation of Jardan couch, chairs, tables, and beds, but today our cutting-edge design thinking and production capabilities are focused on a holistic living approach that includes lighting, textiles, and housewares. We draw ideas from the laid-back Australian way of living to present modern concepts using premium materials. By utilizing high-quality, locally-sourced materials, minimizing waste, and creating furniture that lasts for a very long time, we work to lessen our environmental impact and make our items durable throughout their entire existence. Modern machinery has been added to our manufacturing facility in recent years, expanding our ability to create both large-scale residential and commercial buildings in Australia, Asia, Europe, and America. Our ambition for durability and quality at scale motivates us to modernize our manufacturing method, which will enhance the handcrafted characteristics of our products with the effectiveness of contemporary technology.

Comfortable Couches are available 

Nothing beats returning home and unwinding in your own space after a long day. The appropriate furniture may make a huge impact on how comfortable your home feels to you. The ideal way to sleep in the evening is to cuddle up with a cherished one on a big, comfortable Jardan couch. If your living space needs an interior makeover, you may choose from a big range of sofas and couches.

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